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  1. NZ set to dodge Google tax bullet

    Most, if not all, New Zealand businesses are likely to avoid being directly caught in international tax changes designed to deal with digitalisation of the international economy...


  2. Submission on OECD Secretariatunified approachproposalAustralian feedback

    The Australian Tax Team, in conjunction with CPA Australia has provided feedback to the OECD Secretariat on theUnified Approachproposal to pillar one issues arising from the taxation of digital...


  3. New Zealand reaches international agreement on 'digital tax'

    After a lengthy wait the OECD Inclusive Framework have reported back and released a statement on a solution to address the tax challenges of a digital economy. New Zealand has joined 129 other...


  4. Recent Australian tax advocacy

    Find out more about recent tax submissions, consultations and advocacy in New Zealand...


  5. NZ Tax Roadshow in April and May

    If you havent already registered for our NZ Tax Roadshow, our Tax Team will be coming to a town near you in April and May 2019. There are so many changes and proposals in the tax world this year...


  6. Taxing Digital: Update on March Edition

    International developments in the digital taxation space are moving quickly as Australia and the European Union step back from digital service tax routes, with both announcing a renewed focus on OECD...


  7. NZs review of the GAA Tax Directors meeting Brussels 2018

    Late last month, as terms for Brexit were discussed and France revolted over fuel tax increases, Tax Directors of 10 institutes and 11 countries gathered in Brussels for the 8th international meeting...


  8. Taxing Digital, a distraction from something far bigger?

    While work on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting started by tackling multinationals utilising tax havens and other measures, the international focus has now shifted to digital services companies...


  9. Why a Google tax for NZ is not the answer

    Kiwis should put on ice plans for a digital services tax to focus on OECD talks about slicing up the multinational tax pie...


  10. ATO powers up with data-matching tech

    More powerful data-matching tools from the ATO are catching out more tax avoiders. What can accountants do to comply?...


  11. UK complicates OECD's plans to stop corporate tax dodgers

    The OECDs plan to put a stop to multinational tax dodges appears to have been hit by friendly fire...


  12. Why China's property market matters

    The scale of Chinas property boom is truly breathtaking, and Australian CA Charles WM Chan is right at the centre of it...


  13. New Zealand's economy as good as gold

    Ask New Zealands National Governmentsfinance guyabout his vision for the New Zealand economy and Steven Joyce will tell you youre soaking in it...


  14. Imposing GST on low-value imports

    The Australian government is proposing to extend GST on goods valued under A$1,000, which experts say will negatively impact the online market space...


  15. Inside the Chevron versus ATO case

    An inside look at the recent ATO versus Chevron court case, as told by legal representatives involved in the case...


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