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  1. Learning how to have difficult conversations

    Growing up in rural Tasmania, Naomi Norman CA empathises when her clients face hardship. The Counting on U program gave her more skills to have difficult conversations...


  2. How to forge better connections with colleagues, clients and community

    Playing tennis and exercising is how Mike Rowe CA cares for his mental health. By taking a mental health training course, hes also learned how to help others...


  3. From fixer to listener

    Listening with empathy, rather than finding a solution, was an important lesson for one Chartered Accountant in CA ANZs Counting on U program...


  4. Front line bush accountants get new mental health training to help farmers in crisis

    CA ANZ is now offering mental first aid support to accountants in regional and rural areas so they can help farmers in crisis...


  5. Submission to IESBA on the Role and Mindset Project

    CA ANZ recently made a submission to IESBA on the exposure draft it recently issued from its Role and Mindset Project...


  6. Why resilience matters

    Resilience is the new normal for individuals and companies, but it takes a group effort to build and maintain...


  7. I was at the top of my game when everything changed

    In Mental Health Month, Springfox CEO Stuart Taylor shares his journey to resilience from a cancer diagnosis 20 years ago...


  8. How to manage your wellbeing during the tax cycle

    Find out why an accountancy mindset may be eroding your wellbeing and what you can do to unlock better performance...


  9. Health insurance for busy CAs

    HCF is giving members access to mental health services, no matter how straightforward or complex. Brought to you by HCF...


  10. Mental health for CAs in challenging times

    Your clients are anxious, all your family is working from home, and the beach is shut. How do you stop yourself panicking?...


  11. 6 tips to survive the holiday season

    Performance expert Dr Adam Fraser shares his tips to stay chilled out as you head into the summer break...


  12. Meet the CA who escaped the grind: Tom Daven CA

    Tom Daven CA has found his work-life balance, surfing before work on Sydneys Northern Beaches, sometimes with his clients...


  13. Meet the CA turned part-time cattle auctioneer

    Jesse Stanton CA splits his work between the familys stock and station business in Macksville and a role with PwC in Sydney...


  14. 6 ways to stay productive while working from home

    Working remotely has its challenges, especially if the kids are home, too. Stay productive and avoid burnout with these tips...


  15. Real-world lessons from working remotely

    New to working from home? CA ANZs Lydia Tsen honed these tips during her two months remote working in Canada...


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