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  1. CA ANZ Disciplinary Bodies seek new members

    Call for nominations for appointments to CA ANZ Professional Conduct Committee and Disciplinary Tribunal...


  2. Submission on AASB five year work plan

    CA ANZ submission on AASB ITC 46 AASB Agenda Consultation 20222026...


  3. Joint submission on Invitation to Comment 48: Extended External Reporting

    CA ANZ and CPA Australias joint submission to the Australian Accounting Standards Board...


  4. Submission on Narrow scope amendments to AASB 1058

    Joint CA ANZ / CPA Submission on proposed narrow scope amendments to AASB 15 and AASB 1058...


  5. NZICA StandardsUnder Development / Recently Approved

    From time to time, the NZ Regulatory Board reviews and updates NZICA ethical and professional standards that apply to all NZ members of CA ANZ...


  6. The dementia epidemic and financial control

    How capable is an ageing population of making complex financial decisions, and what happens when cognitive abilities decline?...


  7. The role of accountants in a digitalised tax system

    A digital revolution is occurring at the Australian Tax Office and New Zealands Inland Revenue...


  8. Codes and standards

    APES 110 - Role and Mindset changes APESB has made changes to APES 110 (applicable to all members except members in NZ) to reflect the role and mindset expected of members. Find out more NZ Code of...


  9. Help is there for a disciplinary hearing

    How should accountants approach a disciplinary hearing? Dennis Robertson FCA shares insights from years of sitting on CA ANZs Australian Disciplinary Tribunal...


  10. Qualified Statutory Accountants (NZ)

    Certain engagements in New Zealand must be undertaken by a Qualified Statutory Accountant (QSA). New Zealand resident members holding a CPP automatically qualify as a QSA. Members who do not hold a...


  11. New AASB chairs virtual kick off

    The coronavirus pandemic gave Dr Keith Kendall, the new chair of Australias accounting standard setter, a curious start...


  12. Listen: KPMG chair walks a tightrope

    KPMG Australias new chairman Alison Kitchen, whose audit career spans more than 30 years, wants her firm to open up to the public. Can that plan survive in a sceptical era?...


  13. IFAC President Rachel Grimes on industry challenges

    Acuity speaks with Sydney-based Rachel Grimes FCA, the newly elected president of the International Federation of Accountants...


  14. IFAC President Rachel Grimes on leading with conviction

    New president of the International Federation of Accountants, Rachel Grimes FCA, is prepared to roll up her sleeves and help as the accounting profession faces significant changes...


  15. Secrets of a top CFO

    New Zealands CFO of the year, Jennifer Whooley, has built her career in commercial property...


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