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  1. acuity

    Why sharing files via email is dumb

    A business-grade file sharing system can improve an accounting practice’s productivity and security – and avoid the pitfalls of email attachments...

  2. ca anz

    Leading experts assemble to forecast work in 2049

    CA ANZ and Science Gallery Melbourne is bringing together experts across accounting, innovation and STEM to shed much-needed light on how to ride, and not drown in, the next wave of technology...

  3. acuity

    New accounting software heads to the cloud

    Cloud computing looks likely to trigger a generational shift in practice software...

  4. acuity

    10 issues your business will grapple with in 2019

    Digital transformation, cybersecurity and political paralysis are keeping business leaders awake going into 2019. But KPMG’s Keeping Us Up at Night report also reveals a greater focus on trust and...

  5. acuity

    Is too much change too much?

    Business as usual is giving way to constant change. Can the human brain adapt to accept relentless change as the new normal?...

  6. ca anz

    Are you robot ready?

    The robots have arrived and we’d like to hear about your experiences with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)...

  7. ca anz

    Digital disruption set to shake up New Zealand’s accounting services

    Digital disruption is reshaping the future of business for New Zealand’s accounting industry, and Westpac’s Industry Insights warns some firms won’t survive...

  8. ca anz

    Blockchain redefining organisations

    Mark Pascall, Director and founder of, explains how blockchain can be used effectively...

  9. ca anz

    Modernising Business Registers Program

    Chartered Accountants ANZ’s submission to the Treasury on Modernising Business Registers Program...

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  10. acuity

    AI at an ethical crossroads

    In a world where robots will one day write code for themselves, the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning creates new ethical dilemmas, according to a new paper by CA ANZ...

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