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  1. Ashley Phillips CA on finding work life balance

    CA and wellness blogger, Ashley Phillips, shares her career story and tips on achieving a healthy work-life balance...


  2. The 5 soft skills employers will value in the new decade

    We look at the top 5 soft skills employers are looking for in employees, and share how you can develop them...


  3. Ive graduated from uni: Now what?

    If youve finished your degree and are wondering whats next, weve got the next steps guide just for you!...


  4. Virtual etiquette and why its important

    Discover the importance of virtual etiquette and how you can mind your manners when communicating online...


  5. Rahul Seth CA on changing the conversation around mental wellbeing

    CA and mental health advocate, Rahul Seth, shares his career journey and tips on how to start the conversation around mental health...


  6. Speaking with confidence: The top 5 tips behind a good presentation

    Learn how you can put your fears of public speaking behind you and deliver a great presentation with confidence...


  7. The future of work is here: Hybrid workplaces

    The future of work is now - and its giving employees the best of both worlds. Find out what a hybrid workplace means for you...


  8. How online events can help build your professional network

    Heres how you can go beyond likes and comments on LinkedIn in order to create a meaningful and rewarding online network...


  9. CA student rep Emma Tibballs on why its important to get involved at university

    CA student rep Emma Tibballs shares why you should take an active role in gaining diverse experiences & getting involved while at uni...


  10. CAs around the world: How Lauren Zwierlein CA built an international career in Germany

    Lauren Zwierlein CA talks about how she used her CA designation to build an international career...


  11. CAs around the world: Gemma Preston CA on accountancy on the global stage in Washington, D.C.

    Gemma Preston CA talks global finance, governments, and international accounting opportunities through Chartered Accountants...


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