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  1. Dont underestimate Simplified Disclosures

    Has the AASBs Simplified Disclosures really made reporting simpler? Or has it missed the mark? Brought to you by Accurri...


  2. Whats the AASBs view of proposed goodwill changes?

    It seems the IASBs suggested changes to the valuing and impairment of goodwill are good only in some parts...


  3. How integrated reporting <IR> tells the value story

    What is integrated reporting? A way to give stakeholders a concise view of how an organisation creates sustainable value...


  4. How companies put climate change financial risks on the books

    Local standard setters have backed the G20s push to include climate-related risks to earnings in financial statements...


  5. Catching up on intangibles

    Research from ACCA and Deloitte throws light on the choice to capitalise or expense R&D costs...


  6. How software can do the heavy lifting on your IFRS 16 reporting

    If youre grappling with implementing IFRS 16 lease reporting, specialised software could help. Brought to you by Nomos One...


  7. CA ANZ welcomes recent Treasury announcement following joint submission

    Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) welcomes the opportunity for public consultation on draft regulations, released last Friday, to reduce the financial reporting burden for...


  8. Submission on ensuring clear consistent disclosure of COVID-19 rent concessions

    Joint CA ANZ CPA submission supports updated disclosure requirements in AASB 1060 relating to COVID-19 rent concessions...


  9. The future of special purpose reporting

    Your feedback is vital to ensuring planned reforms to special purpose reporting in the for-profit private sector are workable and cost effective...


  10. Have your say: Trust Disclosure Consultation

    Inland Revenue are consulting on the reporting requirements for domestic trusts...


  11. Joint submission to the IPSASB on revenue and transfer expenses exposure drafts

    CA ANZ and CPAA have made a joint submission with CPA Australia on the IPSASBs three EDs: ED 70 Revenue with Performance Obligations, ED 71 Revenue without Performance Obligations, and ED 72 Transfer...


  12. COVID-19 Rent concessions and IFRS 16

    Joint submission supports planned COVID-19 related amendments to IFRS 16 Leases...


  13. Australian framework reform

    Its time for a simpler financial reporting framework that reflects modern businesses, clears up reporting obligations and is easy to understand...


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