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  1. Joint submission on TR 2021/D2 dealing with personal services income

    CPA and CA ANZ has lodges a joint submission on draft TR 2021/D2 Income Tax: personal serviceds income and personal services businesses...


  2. Submission on employer party to employee share scheme

    When an employer is party to an employee share scheme, when does and employers expenditure or loss under s DV 27(6) or income under s DV27(9) arise?...


  3. Submission on income tax treatment of accommodation provided to employees

    CA ANZ recently provided feedback to Inland Revenue on draft operational statement ED0227: Income Tax Treatment of Accommodation provided to employees...


  4. Joint bodies write to ATO to request lodgement deferrals

    COVID-19 has impacted lodgement dates. Letters have been written to the Australian Taxation Office requesting deferrals and penalty waivers...


  5. Submission for Senate inquiry into 2019 Tax Integrity and Other Measures No. 1 Bill

    Submission lodged for the Senate inquiry into Tax Integrity and Other Measures No. 1 Bill which includes limiting deductions for holding costs relating to vacant land...


  6. Submission on GST - Definition of a Resident

    Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand recently provided feedback to Inland Revenue on their recent draft interpretation statement PUB00390: GSTDefinition of a Resident...


  7. Side effect of new 39% tax rate likely to result in overpaid FBT

    NZ Tax Leader John Cuthbertson discusses the impact of the increased FBT rate for businesses, as a result of the increased 39% top personal tax rate...


  8. Rushed bright-line announcements create uncertainty for home owners and investors

    The NZ Tax Team identify aspects of the 10 year bright-line test and interest deductibility changes that require further consideration...


  9. Cryptocurrency Cryptopia and Cash in the Mattress

    Cryptocurrency is not currency as we know it. No physical notes or coins exist. For most cryptocurrencies, there is no central agency controlling supply and regulation. We use the term “...


  10. Have your say on residential property tax changes

    Significant changes to property taxation will soon be open for consultation, and the NZ Tax Team wants to hear from members...


  11. Change of use rule: risks of taking the main home 'buffer' at face value

    The revised criteria for when a home is your main home for the purposes of the bright-line test and the change of use rule may result in compliance costs and a large tax bill...


  12. Changes are coming: Business TransformationRelease 4

    There are further changes and enhancements to Inland Revenues START system from April 2020. Many Inland Revenue functions will be offline between 9 and 16 April 2020 and members should be aware that...


  13. NZ Tax Roadshow in April and May

    If you havent already registered for our NZ Tax Roadshow, our Tax Team will be coming to a town near you in April and May 2019. There are so many changes and proposals in the tax world this year...


  14. Tax Working Group final report: key recommendations

    While we wait for the Governments response to the Tax Working Group report, we discuss key recommendations...


  15. Use and disclosure of Tax File Numbers

    Advice to the members of the ATO Tax Practitioners Stewardship Group answering queries about use and disclosure of TFN...


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