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  1. Submission on TD 2019/D10 dealing with capital gains and calculation of the foreign income tax offset limit

    Capital gains and the FITO limit calculation...


  2. Whats the bright side to Brexit for Aussie and Kiwi businesses?

    Andrew Oury CA sees a post-Brexit UK trade deal as a boon for Aussie and NZ exporters and any staff keen on a London stint...


  3. Irelands Apple Tax caseshining a light on OECD developments

    While jurisdictions around the world are contemplating how to keep the revenue coffers in the black in light of COVID-19, Ireland recently celebrated a legal victory that meant they missed out on 13...


  4. OECD/G20 reach agreement on solution to address tax challenges of the digital economy

    The OECD/G20 Inclusive Framework have agreed on a two-pillar solution to address the tax challenges arising from the digitalisation of the economy. This programme of work will ensure that large...


  5. Recent Australian tax advocacy

    Find out more about recent tax submissions, consultations and advocacy in New Zealand...


  6. NZ Tax Roadshow in April and May

    If you havent already registered for our NZ Tax Roadshow, our Tax Team will be coming to a town near you in April and May 2019. There are so many changes and proposals in the tax world this year...


  7. Taxing Digital: Update on March Edition

    International developments in the digital taxation space are moving quickly as Australia and the European Union step back from digital service tax routes, with both announcing a renewed focus on OECD...


  8. NZ Bills and Legislation

    Help shape NZ tax policy and guidance...


  9. Taxing Digital, a distraction from something far bigger?

    While work on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting started by tackling multinationals utilising tax havens and other measures, the international focus has now shifted to digital services companies...


  10. What does President Joe Biden mean for tax?

    Joe Bidens campaign promises on tax could affect your cross-border clients. What are some of his proposed changes?...


  11. What CAs want from Budget 2017-18

    Acuity interviewed a cross section of chartered accountants to find out what they want to see Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison deliver in Budget 2017-18...


  12. Chevron: A game-changer for multinational tax avoiders

    Why the Australian Tax Offices win in its recent tax avoidance case against Chevron will open the floodgates for similar proceedings against other multinationals...


  13. How Kiwi companies in Australia can avoid thedouble taxtrap

    New Zealand companies setting up in Australia must plan their structures carefully to avoid a hefty double tax on profits...


  14. Facial share and the beard tax

    A beard tax? Not by the hairs of our chinny chin chins says the Beard Liberation Front...


  15. Complying and foreign trusts - a risk factor for NZ accountants?

    In the wake of thePanama Papers’, rules on foreign trusts have been changed and there are new regulations to be followed. What do accountants need to know?...


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