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  1. Client Monies: Guidance for practices and auditors applying APES 310 Client Monies

  2. Q&A: Audit quality tools and resources

  3. Valuation report template (Australia)

    This report template is designed to guide members when preparing a valuation report in accordance with APES 225 Valuation Services...


  4. Guide on Australian Financial Services Licensing and Valuations Services

    This guide aims to help members providing valuation services that fall under APES 225 to determine if a particular engagement or assignment needs to be conducted under the AFSL...


  5. Addendum to the Engagement Letter Tool (Australia): Valuation Services

  6. FASEA - what CAs need to know

    Stay up to date with developments and implications for financial advisors of the introduction of the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA)...


  7. Tackling the COVID-19 economic downturn through cost management

    Obtain useful insights into how cutting the right kinds of costs can have a positive impact on your business, for improved profitability and strengthened cashflow. Provided by Expense Reduction...


  8. Insolvency Reforms to Support Small BusinessWho can be a restructuring practitioner?

    Helpsheet explaining who can be, and how to become, a Small Business Restructuring Practitioner...


  9. 4 things CAs in public practice cant overlook

    Practical guidance on four key obligations for practitioners that may be overlooked, based on learnings from cases that have come before CA ANZ disciplinary bodies...


  10. Arrangements to cover the incapacity or death of a sole practitioner (N7)

    Guidance for Australian practitioners on how to make arrangements to minimise disruption to clients and business due to unexpected long or short term absences, or death of the practitioner...


  11. Can my firm be called Chartered Accountants?

    Enables users to quickly and easily identify whether a firm in Australia can use the description Chartered Accountants...


  12. Client monies - Proceed with caution

    Practical guidance on overarching principles that CAs need to abide by in regards to client monies, based on learnings from cases that have come before CA ANZ disciplinary bodies...


  13. Information sheet on responding to non-compliance with laws and regulations

  14. Quality review program: top issues - compilation and taxation 2019

  15. Quality review program: top issues - insolvency 2019

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