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  1. Lessons from CA Catalyst: Startups say early advice from CAs saves pain

    Will Camphin explains how he is thriving on the enthusiasm of the startup founders he has met through the CA Catalyst CA in Residence program at Fishburners Sydney...


  2. Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing

    A CA Catalyst article explaining the role of technology in streamlining implementation of policies and procedures necessary to ensure compliance with the AML/CFT Act in New Zealand...


  3. How finance professionals can create impact with analytics

    A CA Catalyst article explaining how finance professionals can create impact with analytics...


  4. Workflow management basics for a modern practice

    A technology-based workflow will help your practice deliver more services efficiently. CA Catalyst highlights five workflow management basics that can allow your practice to hum...


  5. Automation playbook: automating workflows

    This CA Catalyst automation playbook explores how to plan and implement change and continually improve your practice. It draws on a range of expertise to offer accountants a starting point to update...


  6. AML Phase II has Arrived. What does it mean for practicing accountants?

    A CA Catalyst article explaining the role of technology in streamlining implementation of policies and procedures necessary to ensure compliance with the AML/CFT Act in New Zealand...


  7. Automation is transforming accounting, with or without you

    A CA Catalyst article explaining the concept of workflow automation and its capability to transform the accounting profession...


  8. Three steps to building better operational processes with your team

    CA Catalyst highlights three helpful steps to streamlining processes with your staff to ensure the smooth implementation of new technology and workflows into your accounting practice...


  9. Workflow automation explainedtop 5 tips from the experts

    CA Catalyst demystifies workflow automationthe reality and opportunities...


  10. Shaping the Practice of Tomorrow Podcast Series

    In this CA catalyst podcast series explore how members in practice can take full advantage of the digital disruptive opportunities sweeping the accounting profession...


  11. Business unusual: Business continuity playbook

    This CA Catalyst business continuity playbook draws on a range of expertise to offer tips and tools to survive the COVID-19 lockdown and beyond. Included in the playbook are practical checklists for...


  12. Valuation report template (Australia)

    This report template is designed to guide members when preparing a valuation report in accordance with APES 225 Valuation Services...


  13. Guide on Australian Financial Services Licensing and Valuations Services

    This guide aims to help members providing valuation services that fall under APES 225 to determine if a particular engagement or assignment needs to be conducted under the AFSL...


  14. Addendum to the Engagement Letter Tool (Australia): Valuation Services

    A toolkit containing sample tailored engagement letter clauses for a valuation engagement conducted in accordance with APES 225, designed to be applied in conjunction with CA ANZ's Engagement Letter...


  15. Quality Management Fact Sheet

    Quality management standards in Australia are changing. Understand how this impacts your practice, when the changes come in to effect and what standards apply to your practice...