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  1. Arrangements to cover the incapacity or death of a sole practitioner (N7)

    Guidance for Australian practitioners on how to make arrangements to minimise disruption to clients and business due to unexpected long or short term absences, or death of the practitioner...


  2. Is your health impacting your work?

    Practical guidance on avoiding receiving complaints about errors due to aging, mental health issues or stress, based on learnings from cases that have come before CA ANZ disciplinary bodies...


  3. Be Well Plan

    Access this personalised wellbeing plan for both good as well as challenging times. This program will help you to develop your own Be Well Plan, and is developed by researchers and mental health...


  4. Beyond Blue launches mental health support training for practices advising SMEs

    Beyond Blue has created a free, four-part online learning course Mental wellbeing: support yourself and small businesses for advisors of SMEs who may experience mental health issues...


  5. Beyond Blue Podcast Series

    From Beyond Blue, this is Not Alone, a podcast where everyday Australians talk about their mental health journey to help you with yours. When it comes to mental health, we all have our own unique...


  6. Loffty Mental Health Decision Support Tool

    Access Loffty's online mental health self-assessment tool, assessing for over 30 mental health conditions and helping to collect key information...


  7. Smiling Mind application

    An app-based meditation program developed by psychologists and educators to help bring mindfulness into your life...


  8. Dealing with stress of natural disasters

    This guide offers tips for better dealing with the stress of bushfires, floods, earthquakes and cyclones...


  9. CA ANZ Career Transition Toolkit resources

    CA ANZ's Career Transition toolkit and associated resources provide the information, advice and support that Chartered Accountants need to make a smooth transition to different stages of their career...


  10. CA Wellbeing

    Resources and information designed to support the mental health and wellbeing of you, your clients and colleagues...


  11. Beyond Blue Supporting Small Business Owners to improve their mental health and wellbeing at work

    This guide outlines actions you can take to support a small business owners to improve their mental health and wellbeing at work...


  12. Beyond Blue Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service

    Access Beyond Blue's dedicated service to support Australias mental health through COVID-19. The free service, funded by the Australian Government and delivered by Beyond Blue, is available around...


  13. Mental Health First Aid Guide for Chartered Accountants

    Guide on how to help a colleague or client whos showing signs of developing a mental health problem or is in crisis...


  14. Engaging with people experiencing mental health problems and financial difficulties

    This mental health first aid guide explores how to help a colleague or client whos showing signs of developing a mental health problem or is in crisis...


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