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  1. Get your head in the game: The alternative approach to academic learning thats making a difference

    We speak to Dr Grainne Oates CA about how gamification of education through mobile learning apps like Quitch is transforming academic learning...


  2. How to increase your exam performance

    Tackle your exams head on with this three stage pre, present and post exam approach...


  3. Step up to the challenge: 5 ways to develop a growth mindset

    Learn how you can develop a growth mindset to help increase your chances of personal and professional success...


  4. Self-directed learning: 7 free resources to help you develop new skills

    Looking to learn something new? Here are 7 free learning resources to help you upskill!...


  5. Feeling stuck in a rut? Discover these 5 apps

    Check out these 5 apps to help you manage your life, reduce stress and find balance...


  6. How to set yourself up forfocus time

    Do you often feel distracted or unproductive? Check out our 7 tips for setting yourself up forfocus time’...


  7. Business Toolkit

    Use this fun and interactive online quiz to help you study for your final year HSC/NCEA exams...


  8. Mindfulness: The simple practice that could help you manage stress

    Camille Woods CA, accounting academic and meditation teacher shares some mindfulness tips to help you handle stress better...


  9. 7 steps to help improve your concentration

    Read our tips on how you can focus and concentrate to have a much better chance of taking things in and learning...


  10. Tips to remember when you need to remember

    Repetition, note-taking and reminders. Use these simple techniques and skills to improve your memory recall capability...


  11. 8 notetaking tips to put you in control

    Make the most of your attendance at lectures and classes by taking the best possible notes with these 8 tips...


  12. 7 Ways to study smarter, not harder

    Are you wasting your time studying hard? These 7 tips will help you study smarter...


  13. Are your essays and papers writing skills up to task?

    Wondering how to use the right writing style and format to use to tackle your most recent assignment? Read these tips to find out how...


  14. 5 short tips on thriving at uni life

    Learn how university works and how get the most out of your university life with these 5 tips...


  15. Dont let exam anxiety paralyse you

    Overcome exam anxiety and manage your nervous energy with these simple tips...


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