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    Develop the skills to drive business success All business decisions have tax implications. Being proficient in tax is essential for Chartered Accountants required to provide accurate professional...

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    Mentored Practical Experience

    Show what you’ve learnt To become a CA, you must complete the Practical Experience Program to be awarded the designation. Mentored Practical Experience ensures your learning is applied in a...

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    Integrating technical skills and ethics The focus of the Capstone module is communicating solutions to complex business problems. Our Capstone module is the final chapter of the CA Program, further...

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    Audit and assurance

    Upskill and expand your career opportunities This module will extend your fundamental knowledge of conducting an audit. From identifying risk to producing an auditor’s report, this compulsory module...

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    Student affiliates

    Your journey begins here Becoming a Student Affiliate with us isn’t just the first step on your journey to becoming a Chartered Accountant – it's a great way to show potential employers...

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    Associate Chartered Accountant

    Become an Associate Chartered Accountant and combine your business and accounting background with practical skills as a trusted professional...

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    Accounting Technician

    Build the foundations Accounting Technicians (ATs) prepare and manage financial accounts across different areas of finance and business. Currently the designation is only available in New Zealand...