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  1. Women and retirement savings: the need for more data

    The Australian Taxation Office should produce reports that detail superannuation savings for single people and couples to help address the gender gap...


  2. Australian Federal Budget 2021 22 - Highlights and key measures

    A summary by CA ANZ of the key measures in Australias 2021-22 budget...


  3. NZ tax bill injects uncertainty and costs into business sales

    Tax legislation which will add uncertainty and increased costs to sale negotiations of New Zealand businesses is expected to come into effect from 1 July 2021...


  4. Coronavirus has infected the Australian economy and the stimulus package could be the prescription

    The Australian Governments $17.6 billion dollar economic stimulus package presents a unique chance for small-medium sized businesses to take the economic fight to coronavirus...


  5. Small business tax avoiders costing Australians billions

    The ATO Small Business Tax Gap report released today highlights a $11.1 billion tax gap, almost two-thirds of this credited to black economy behaviour such as not declaring income, workers paid cash ‘...


  6. Concern over latest IR Use of Money Interest Rates

    Inland Revenue creates favourable situation for itself for interest rates it charges and pays NZ taxpayers...


  7. Submission - When does the business premises exclusion under s CB 19 apply (Income Tax PUB00316)

    Submission - When does the business premises exclusion under s CB 19 apply (Income Tax PUB00316)...


  8. Submission on financing aged care

    Aged care costs are set to dramatically increasehow should they be funded?...


  9. Submission on United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund

    CA ANZ agrees that UN pensions are not exempt from tax in New Zealand...


  10. Submission on Draft Taxation Determination TD 2020/D1

    Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) Provided our submission to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) on draft Taxation Determination TD 2020/D1 Income tax: notional deductions for...


  11. Submission on tax administration in a digital world

    CA ANZs feedback to Inland Revenue onTax administration in a digital world’, an officialsissues paper...


  12. Submission on ATOs proposed client verification guidelines

    CA ANZ has lodged a submission on the ATOs proposed client verification guidelines...


  13. Submission on excusing estates from filing income tax returns

    Chartered Accountants ANZ recently had the opportunity to comment on this draft item which outlines the Commissioners proposed approach to applying the income tax return filing exemption in section...


  14. Submission to BoT on its Review of the R&D Tax Incentive dual administration

    CA ANZ lodges submission with the Board of Taxation on the administration of the R&D tax incentive by AusIndustry and the ATO...


  15. Submission on tax profession is an essential service

    Joint bodies request that accountants and tax practitioners be determined to be anessential servicefor the purposes of the COVID-19 measures...


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