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  1. Submission on United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund

    CA ANZ agrees that UN pensions are not exempt from tax in New Zealand...


  2. Why now is the time to ask for a pay rise

    Asking for a pay rise is never easy but with border closures limiting labour supplies in some sectors, now is the right time...


  3. Times up for cheques

    The Inland Revenue and ACC will no longer accept cheques from customerswho are able to use alternative payment optionsfrom March 2020...


  4. Start-ups and innovators get support

    The New Zealand Ministers of Finance and Revenue have announced upcoming changes to feasibility expenditure and loss carry forwards...


  5. Cryptocurrencies, Coca-Cola and compliance

    Inland Revenue have recently updated their guidance on cryptocurrencies. Our Senior Tax Advocate Jolayne Trim outlines key points to consider...


  6. Taxation (Annual Rates for 202122, GST, and Remedial Matters) Bill Introduced

    The Minister of Revenue recently introduced a new tax Bill. CA ANZ will be making a submission to Parliament and welcome feedback and thoughts from members...


  7. The alternatives to axing payroll tax

    Many want payroll tax abolished, but payroll tax is still a significant source of revenue. Is there an alternative if substantial federal/state reform does not occur?...


  8. Changes are coming: Business TransformationRelease 4

    There are further changes and enhancements to Inland Revenues START system from April 2020. Many Inland Revenue functions will be offline between 9 and 16 April 2020 and members should be aware that...


  9. NZ Tax Roadshow in April and May

    If you havent already registered for our NZ Tax Roadshow, our Tax Team will be coming to a town near you in April and May 2019. There are so many changes and proposals in the tax world this year...


  10. ATO Justified Trust Initiative Workshops for CAs who work on the tax affairs of private groups

    ATO Justified Trust Initiative Workshops for CAs who work on the tax affairs of private groups...


  11. Whats in store for tax in 2019-20

    The New Zealand Government has announced its updated tax policy work programme for 2019-20, which the Minister of Revenue says, “reflects the need to encourage productive investment and ensure the tax...


  12. Where are they now? NZ Tax Working Group key items

    While it feels like a lifetime ago, there were several key items recommended by the Tax Working Group that CA ANZ has been monitoring. COVID-19 and the current tax bill has enabled some of these items...


  13. Budget should help reset the Australian economy

    Budget 2021-22 is an opportunity for Australia to build a sustainable, productive and resilient economy...


  14. Taxing Digital: Update on March Edition

    International developments in the digital taxation space are moving quickly as Australia and the European Union step back from digital service tax routes, with both announcing a renewed focus on OECD...


  15. Tax Working Group final report: key recommendations

    While we wait for the Governments response to the Tax Working Group report, we discuss key recommendations...