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  1. NZs review of the GAA Tax Directors meeting Brussels 2018

    Late last month, as terms for Brexit were discussed and France revolted over fuel tax increases, Tax Directors of 10 institutes and 11 countries gathered in Brussels for the 8th international meeting...


  2. Have your say: open New Zealand consultation items

    Help shape NZ tax policy and guidance...


  3. Minister hints at win for NZ tax team

    At a recent CA ANZ event, the Minister of Revenue hinted that there might yet be a chance for a taxpayer advocate service, despite the Governments initial decision not to proceed. CA ANZ strongly...


  4. Taxation (Annual Rates for 2020-21, Feasibility Expenditure and Remedial Matters) Bill introduced

    As of the time of writing, a closing date for consultation on this Bbill has not yet been set. However, CA ANZ will be submitting on this Bill and welcomes feedback from members...


  5. Taxing Digital, a distraction from something far bigger?

    While work on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting started by tackling multinationals utilising tax havens and other measures, the international focus has now shifted to digital services companies...


  6. Recent Australian tax advocacy

    Find out more about recent tax submissions, consultations and advocacy in New Zealand...


  7. NZ launches inquiry into cryptocurrencies

    The New Zealand Parliaments Finance and Expenditure Select Committee has called for submissions on its inquiry into the nature, impact and risks of cryptocurrencies...


  8. Tax

    We are a leading trans-Tasman voice on tax law and policy. With tax teams in Australia and New Zealand, we work closely with our respective governments, tax authorities and other stakeholders. We also...


  9. Submission on excusing estates from filing income tax returns

    Chartered Accountants ANZ recently had the opportunity to comment on this draft item which outlines the Commissioners proposed approach to applying the income tax return filing exemption in section...


  10. Submission to BoT on its Review of the R&D Tax Incentive dual administration

    CA ANZ lodges submission with the Board of Taxation on the administration of the R&D tax incentive by AusIndustry and the ATO...


  11. Submission on tax profession is an essential service

    Joint bodies request that accountants and tax practitioners be determined to be anessential servicefor the purposes of the COVID-19 measures...


  12. Joint submission regarding deceased estates

    Requests amendments to stop ATO officers being exposed to prison sentences if they talk to a tax agent appointed by an executor...


  13. Submission to request exercise of ATO Division 7A discretion under section 109Q

    The Joint bodies request the Commissioner exercise his Division 7A discretion under section 109Q and defer non essential information requests...


  14. Joint submission requesting deferral of the start date for the R&D Tax Incentive Bill

    Joint submission requesting deferral of the start date for the R&D Tax Incentive Bill currently before Parliament...


  15. Submission on Fringe Benefits Tax reform

    FBT has long been derided as being unnecessarily complex. CA ANZ has written to the Treasurer outlining some initial thoughts regarding FBT reform...