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  1. Ex-Virgin CEO goes walkabout

    He used to reach for the sky as CEO of Virgin Australia, but now hes more at home trekking the wilderness. Game-changer Brett Godfrey FCA has reinvented himself as passionate conservationist...


  2. The power and the passion

    After stepping down as South Australia chair of KPMG last year, Con Tragakis FCA remains passionate about promoting his home state...


  3. Making it in New York City

    Australian CA Ashleigh Miles challenged herself, took a chance on New York City and won a role in the biggest US real estate project everHudson Yards...


  4. Brewing up a great career in the family business

    For Melanie Cooper AM CA its the CA, rather than the family name, thats driven her success in the family brewing business...


  5. Global future disruption and big ideas win NZ CA a top award

    New Zealands Deloitte Young Executive of the Year has made a career out of business future-proofing with Fonterras Ventures program...


  6. Seeing into the future

    Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand President Jane Stanton explores the need to uphold the professions competencies and values...


  7. Stars align in a global career

    A-STARS Advisors co-founder Robert Quinlivan FCA reflects on the 28-year career that has taken him from Perth to New York, London, Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong...


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