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  1. The emergence of integrated reporting assurance

    Integrated reporting assurance is emerging. Its place in the pathway to the audit of the future is becoming clearer...


  2. Narrowing the audit expectation gap is essential for a resilient global financial reporting ecosystem

    New report provides recommendations for regulators, standard setters and auditors in tackling fraud and addressing going concern issues...


  3. What we heard: A New Zealand conversation about securing trust in audit

    A new paper documents the CA ANZ led discussion on the future of audit in New Zealand and its interplay with the governance ecosystem...


  4. Narrowing the audit expectation gap

    Addressing fraud and going concern is a matter for all stakeholders in the financial reporting supply chain...


  5. Auditors and accountants are the new custodians of data

    Adopt, adapt and protectauditors and accountants have an important role to play to safeguard data and organisations...


  6. Auditors and accountants meeting challenges

    Insights on major challenges for accountants and auditors in the rapidly changing professions...


  7. Michael Coleman FCA on the value of audit

    Why financial statement audits remain valuable for businesses and investors...


  8. Auditor regulation

    Australia Registered Company Auditors (RCAs) can carry out Corporations Act audits in Australia. Australian members must meet minimum competency requirements to perform review engagements if they are...


  9. Inside the mind of a hacker

    Ethical hacker Daniel Weis is one of the good guys, but he knows how the bad guys think and advises companies on how to avoid security breaches...


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