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  1. Business valuation

    Tools and resources designed by business valuers to help members working in business valuation...


  2. Financial advisory and superannuation

    Addressing some of the practical issues unique to the industry to assist you to serve your clients...


  3. Business mindset

    Obtain advisory insights to apply as you advise your clients on their business strategies and operatations...


  4. Forensic accounting

    Tools and resources designed by forensic accountants for forensic accountants, covering topics such as fraud, liquidations and receivership, computer forensics, financial investigation, and disputes...


  5. Tax

    Stay informed on tax issues and access practical tools to service your tax clients...


  6. Q&A Quality Management

  7. Q&A: Auditor's report when financial statements are prepared on a liquidation basis for the first time

  8. Q&A: Bank confirmations for SMSFs

  9. Q&A: Becoming a Registered Company Auditor

  10. Q&A: Change of auditor

  11. Q&A: First year audit

  12. Financial reporting and auditing in uncertain times

    The state of uncertainty means financial reporting and auditing will remain complex with increased risks. This guide reminds preparers and auditors of financial reports of some key focus areas...


  13. Q&A: Modified audit reports in NZ

  14. New Zealand assurance essentials for December 2021

  15. Q&A: Australians auditing NZ companies

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