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  1. CA student rep Emma Tibballs on why it’s important to get involved at university

    CA student rep Emma Tibballs shares why you should take an active role in gaining diverse experiences & getting involved while at uni...

  2. An opportunity for growth: key lessons from a former CA student representative

    We speak to finance student, Madi Gurr, about her CA student rep experience, the opportunities it has afforded her to date and what’s next on her early career journey...

  3. Career Launch 2020

    Designed for penultimate or final year students in undergraduate or post-graduate degrees in accounting and/or finance, Career Launch 2020 is a networking opportunity providing face-to-face exposure...

  4. The future of work is here: Hybrid workplaces

    The future of work is now - and it’s giving employees the best of both worlds. Find out what a hybrid workplace means for you...

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