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  1. Members call for jobs and employment focus in Budget

    A CA ANZ member survey has identified job creation and employment as the priorities for this years Australian Federal Budget to help maintain stronger than expected economic and labour market...


  2. Ready to Reset?

    CA ANZ hosts a members-only event with the Australian Federal Treasurer, Hon Josh Frydenberg MP and New Zealands Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Hon Grant Robertson on important issues...


  3. Affordable advice for consumers

    Affordable advice is key to reset for individuals and small businesses...


  4. 2021-22 Pre-budget submission

    An opportunity for Australia to not only respond and recover from the pandemic, but to also reset and build a sustainable, productive and resilient economy...


  5. Free online tool helps you communicate about cash flow

    Cash flow is a hot topic as government assistance is wound back. We have a tool to help those discussions...


  6. Budget should help reset the Australian economy

    Budget 2021-22 is an opportunity for Australia to build a sustainable, productive and resilient economy...


  7. Dont miss out on grantsupdate your ABR details

    Many businesses have their tax agents address as their physical address and as a result may be missing out on hearing about grants to which they are entitled...


  8. The great reset: How can accountants helpbuild back better’?

    COVID-19 has provided a trigger to create a more prosperous world. What role can accountants play in the great reset?...


  9. State Government (Australia)

    Information about available assistance from the Australian State Governments...


  10. Crisis Management In The Era Of COVID-19

    COVID-19 has led many businesses into an economic downturn, and crisis management and leadership came into play. Some businesses may even see expansion in this time...


  11. Use Business Support To Relaunch Your Business In Economic Crisis

    Are you looking to relaunch your business amongst the economic crisis of COVID-19? Use business support to relaunch your business and be set up for success...


  12. Zombie Companies Await Insolvency When Stimulus Packages Stop

    Zombie companies that are surviving on the back of government stimulus packages await a slew of insolvencies when the subsidies run out. Click to learn more...


  13. What did Māori business learn in the 2020 lockdown?

    A BDO report details how Māori businesses coped with the loss of commercial activity and reset in the global pandemic...


  14. Restructuring Your SMB Can Save You From Liquidation

    Restructuring your business can help you avoid liquidation if you get on the front foot now. Learn how restructuring can assist you survive the difficult road ahead...


  15. Liabilities about Closing Or Pausing Your Business For COVID-19

    Looking to close or pause your business due to COVID-19 lockdowns? Consider your liabilities for either option and make an informed decision...


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