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  1. Small trusts in the crosshairs of new disclosure rules

    A media release raising issues with the New Zealands governments proposed changes to trust disclosures...


  2. Fall in NZ IR satisfaction comes as taxpayer interactions set to increase

    Satisfaction with NZ Inland Revenue interactions declines at key time...


  3. Chartered Accountants want training from IR ahead of tax system changes

    Chartered Accountants rate their happiness with Inland Revenue, and training for Business Transformation, in latest CA ANZ IR satisfaction survey...


  4. Accountants call for end of year tax certainty

    Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) welcomes the Governments decision to reinstate flexible end of financial year tax return dates for COVID affected taxpayers, saying that it...


  5. CA ANZ welcomes easing of NZ WFH tax rules

    Working from home will become the default setting for more and more Kiwis in the wake of COVID-19 and the tax system needs to recognise that workers are bearing extra costs.”...


  6. Next weeks BudgetTime to tighten up our COVID-19 response

    The next phase of business support must take a more targeted evidence-based approach...


  7. Concern over latest IR Use of Money Interest Rates

    Inland Revenue creates favourable situation for itself for interest rates it charges and pays NZ taxpayers...


  8. Working from home tax extension comes not a moment too soon

    Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand is welcoming the extension of working from home tax changes but says the latest COVID-19 lockdown shows New Zealand needs permanent tax policy around...


  9. Fringe Benefit Tax fix a win for employers

    Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand are praising the Governments decision to implement a solution proposed by the peak accounting body that will make it easier for employers to meet their...


  10. New survey shows Inland Revenue helpful, but hindered

    Conducted by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and Tax Management New Zealand, the survey of 361 members in public practice asked a range of questions about the timeliness of IRs...


  11. Submission Options for relief from child support debt ED0209

    CA ANZ recently had the opportunity to provide feedback on draft standard practice statement ED0209: Options for relief from child support debt. This draft standard practice statement sets out the...


  12. Submission on GST and Agency - PUB00327

    CA ANZ recently provided feedback to Inland Revenue on their draft interpretation statement, PUB00327 - GST and Agency...


  13. Submission on PUB00366 regarding liquidation

    CA ANZ recently provided feedback to Inland Revenue on their draft Questions Weve Been Asked’ (QWBA) – first steps legally necessary to achieve liquidation when a liquidator is appointed PUB00366...


  14. Submission on draft QWBA PUB00381

    CA ANZ submission on whether supplies wholly or partly consist of land for the compulsory zero-rating rules...


  15. Submission on United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund

    CA ANZ agrees that UN pensions are not exempt from tax in New Zealand...


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