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  1. Giving advice in a post-truth world

    Most professionals aim to use evidence and reason to work out the best advice for their clients. But that ideal is under threat, due to eroding public trust in the counsel of experts...


  2. Tax reform needed in May budget

    The tax base should be reformed and any tax cuts need to be justified, writes CA ANZ Tax Leader Michael Croker in a pre-budget government submission...


  3. Tax tailwind to help NZ fund new spending in Budget 2018

    Few surprises are expected in whats tipped to be a cautious first Budget from the NZ government as it manages coalition partner expectations in a major balancing act...


  4. Four tips to sort out your super

    Planning for retirement is a task that often gets pushed to the bottom of to-do lists. But you can sort out your super in four simple steps (and your future self will thank you for it)...


  5. Get ready for Tax Time 2018

    CAs need to be prepared for questions from clients about how the tax policies of major Australian political parties could affect their future tax status...


  6. Learn to love economic forecasts

    Forecasts are more useful than you may think. Acuity economics columnist Donal Curtin looks at ways business can extract maximum value...


  7. Life Insurance is only for grown ups

    Life Insurance cant give you a replacement life. But, it will help your family and loved ones have the life you want for them whether youre here or not...


  8. NZ hands down fiscally conservative Budget

    The Budgets political narrative is based on fixing social underinvestment, while benefiting from a robust economy...


  9. Minimise your business risk: Start your AML CFT journey now

    As with anything new, getting started is often the hardest part, but help is available...


  10. New ATO scrutiny for corporates

    An Australian Taxation Office (ATO) submission to a Senate inquiry signals a focus on surging thin-cap manipulation and details other measures to reduce the corporate tax gap...


  11. Three priorities for NZs Tax Working Group

    The NZ Tax Working Groups interim report sets out a full workload before the February deadline for a final report...


  12. Seven ways to take the pain out of year-end

    Some practical tips for CAs to take the pain out of year-end reports...


  13. Simplifying single touch payroll

    The new single touch payroll system comes into effect on 1 July this year. What do accountants need to know and tell their clients?...


  14. How to step into 21st century selling

    Some of the best sales leaders come from accounting backgrounds, and more in the profession now need to embrace their inner ethical salesperson, argues sales expert Sue Barrett...


  15. How to avoid budget blowouts in the business

    What can accountants do to respond to budget and forecast variations?...


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