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    Small Firm Big Impact: Sydney

    The Sydney leg of the CA Catalyst Small Firm Big Impact series delved into how a Chartered Accountant can become the cornerstone of a start-up...

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    Data Analytics and Data Visualisation Insights and Guides

    Learn how to harness the capabilities of Data for insights, impact and growth...

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    Workflow Automation Insights and Guides

    Get tips and insights on adopting automation into your business...

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    Beyond the technics of data mining

    How can powerful tools such as big data, analytics and visualisation be leveraged to create tangible value?...

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    Effective Client Engagement and Management Strategies Insights and Guides

    Get tips and insights on adopting client engagement and management strategies, processes and tools to help grow your firm...

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    Chris Townend FCA

    Board Director...

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    Peter O'Regan FCA

    Vice President...

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    Rob McDonald FCA

    Board Director...

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    Peter Rupp FCA


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    John Schol FCA


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