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  1. 2020 Accounting Student of the Year Ellysia Oldsen on balancing study with sport

    2020 Accounting Student of the Year Ellysia Oldsen shares how she applies the lessons from sport to her accounting studies...


  2. 10 top tips to make group work, work!

    Discover 10 ways you can improve your group work experience, and get the most out of working with others...


  3. Want to be a founder? Heres 3 key lessons from a young CA entrepreneur

    Cam Nguyen CA and founder of accounting startup, Encountr, shares three valuable lessons shes learned on her path to start-up success...


  4. Craig Norgate Scholarship winner Isaac Hughes CA

    Inaugural recipient of the Craig Norgate Scholarship, Isaac Hughes CA, shares where he is now & how hes making a difference...


  5. Meet the 2020 Māori accounting scholarship recipients

    Māori tauira Aulo Barclay and Cherie Watene awarded 2020 Māori Scholarships...


  6. What role do CAs play in creating a more sustainable future?

    Discover how accountants can use their skills to create a more sustainable future...


  7. Get your head in the game: The alternative approach to academic learning thats making a difference

    We speak to Dr Grainne Oates CA about how gamification of education through mobile learning apps like Quitch is transforming academic learning...


  8. COVID-19 resources for students and graduates

    As COVID-19 continues to impact the global economy, these resources will provide students with information on the impact to students specifically and where to go for help...


  9. Tune in & de-stress: Top wellbeing podcasts picks

    Want to lift your spirits, learn something new or chase a goal? Theres something for everyone in these wellbeing podcasts!...


  10. Making human connections: The power of mentoring in the business world

    Discover how two Chartered Accountants benefit from a great mentor-mentee relationship in an SMP...


  11. The 5 soft skills employers will value in the new decade

    We look at the top 5 soft skills employers are looking for in employees, and share how you can develop them...


  12. Step up to the challenge: 5 ways to develop a growth mindset

    Learn how you can develop a growth mindset to help increase your chances of personal and professional success...


  13. Future-proofing the accounting curriculum

    Discover how leading finance and accounting academics are future-proofing the accounting curriculum...


  14. Virtual etiquette and why its important

    Discover the importance of virtual etiquette and how you can mind your manners when communicating online...


  15. Self-directed learning: 7 free resources to help you develop new skills

    Looking to learn something new? Here are 7 free learning resources to help you upskill!...


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