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  1. CAs around the world: Ace Tan CA on the importance of adapting, ethics, and seizing global opportunities in Malaysia

    Ace Tan CA talks about maintaining ethics, continuous learning and international opportunities through the Chartered Accountants designation...


  2. What our student representatives learnt at the 2018 One Young World Summit

    Want to change the world? Meet CA ANZs One Young World delegates who have been inspired to make a difference...


  3. Connecting young leaders across the globe: Why Christian Bien is excited for the 2019 One Young World Summit

    Discover the inspiring story of Christian Bien, the CA delegate destined to attend the upcoming 2019 One Young World Summit...


  4. CA student rep Lontya Kalililo to take on the world at the 2019 One Young World Summit

    Do you dream of changing the world? Find out what CA student rep Lontya Kalililo is hoping to learn at the 2019 One Young World Summit!...


  5. Beatrice Aurelia

    Find out more about one of our One Young World delegates Beatrice, from Adelaide, Australia...


  6. Christopher Aldridge

    Find out more about one of our One Young World delegates Chris, from Hamilton, New Zealand...


  7. Matthew Longo

    Hear from Matthew, a London based CA delegate, and his experiences at the 2019 summit...


  8. Bernadette Scanlon

    Discover Bernadette's story and how this London based OYW delegate thinks CA's can make a difference...


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