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  1. Indigenous Australian Accounting and Māori Accounting

    Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand is dedicated to help support Indigenous Australian and Māori students in furthering their accounting careers...


  2. Pursuing her passion: Shreya Viswanathan on making the most of work experience

    Wondering how to make the most of your work experience? Discover how it helped to launch the career of this high-flying CA...


  3. CAs in the court of law: Why litigation could be the sector for you

    We speak to Nadine Marke, Director of Corporate Finance at RSM Australia to learn what its like working in the field of litigation accounting...


  4. Josh Hickford CA on stepping up in the face of challenges

    Josh Hickford CA shares how his experiences have equipped him with the tools to step up in the face of challenges...


  5. 5 reasons to sign up to be a Student Affiliate

    Discover what it means to become a Chartered Accountants ANZ student affiliate, and the many benefits of signing up...


  6. Build your resilience: 5 ways to handle stress and anxiety

    Psychologist Snow Chen shares practical strategies to recognise and reduce stress, and build personal resilience...


  7. 2020 Accounting Student of the Year Ellysia Oldsen on balancing study with sport

    2020 Accounting Student of the Year Ellysia Oldsen shares how she applies the lessons from sport to her accounting studies...


  8. Get ready for 2021 with these binge-worthy podcasts

    Podcasts are not only a great source of entertainment, they also provide opportunities to learn new things and absorb wisdom from business leaders and industry experts...


  9. The future leaders toolkit: Five habits you need to succeed

    Every leader has their own uniquehow I got where I am todaystory, but one thing most agree on is the importance of building helpful habits...


  10. 5 real reasons why finding work is difficult

    Recapture the passion in your job search by understanding 5 reasons why its so hard to find a job...


  11. Meet the 2020 Pacific Scholarship recipients

    Pasifika accounting students Ziannah Drollett and Sione Lemeki awarded 2020 Pacific Scholarships...


  12. Want to be a founder? Heres 3 key lessons from a young CA entrepreneur

    Cam Nguyen CA and founder of accounting startup, Encountr, shares three valuable lessons shes learned on her path to start-up success...


  13. How do you encourage students to attend class?

    Research has shown that even with the increase in accessible online learning tools, university students perform better if they attend class. So how do leading accounting educators encourage students...


  14. Charity Partners

    Discover volunteer opportunities in your area, and find out how you can make a difference in your community...


  15. A day in the life of a Project Accountant

    Lendleases Gina Hadiutomo takes us inside the world of project accounting - from the fine detail to managing a portfolio...


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