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  1. acuity

    Meet the CA | Naman Patel, the CA turned food court maestro

    Naman Patel has brought number skills learned as a CA to his Perth Indian eatery. The cooking he learned from his mum...

  2. ca anz

    Modernising Business Registers – Commonwealth Registries Bill

    Submission to the Senate Economics committee regarding the Commonwealth Registries Bill which assist the modernisation of business registers...

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  3. ca anz

    A flight plan for your business – new podcast promotes CA brand

    A new series of podcasts featuring media personality Ross Greenwood, is promoting the CA brand among SMEs. The third podcast addresses business planning...

  4. ca anz

    Ross Greenwood podcast promotes CAs for tech advice

    New podcast series features finance personality Ross Greenwood promoting CAs as a trusted source of advice to help SMEs navigate changing technology...

  5. ca anz

    David Armstrong FCA discusses staffing and business growth

    New podcast featuring Ross Greenwood and David Armstrong FCA promotes the support CAs can offers SMEs to manage staffing and grow their business...

  6. ca anz

    Bean Ninjas founder counts on expansion

    Meryl Johnston, founder of Bean Ninjas, explains how she tapped into a market niche that offered global opportunities...

  7. ca anz

    A fresh approach

    Cam Nguyen, founder of Encountr, is showing that millennial CAs have a different approach, which bodes well for the future of the profession...

  8. ca anz

    2019 Summer Reading Guide

    As the year winds down, and our beach umbrellas come out, Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand (CA ANZ) has given us the scoop on this year’s finance must-reads for 2019...

  9. ca anz

    Decoding the business landscape in Asia

    Accountants must bring a unique value proposition to seize immense China opportunities...

  10. Young gun hits targets at 21

    Harry Flett is a 21-year-old business founder and former winner of CA ANZ’s Emerging Leaders Award. He explains his business, and how CAs can navigate the future...

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