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  1. How do you encourage students to attend class?

    Research has shown that even with the increase in accessible online learning tools, university students perform better if they attend class. So how do leading accounting educators encourage students...


  2. South Africa to Australia: Farirai Manyere CA on taking her CA designation global

    Discover how the CA designation helped Farirai Manyere make her move from South Africa to Australia...


  3. Using your CA skills to start a successful side hustle

    Provisional CA Emily Genoese on how her accounting skills have set the foundation for the unique and thriving side business All For Her Gifts...


  4. How to identify and invest in your support network

    Your support network can help guide you through lifes twists and turns. Find out how...


  5. COVID-19 resources for students and graduates

    As COVID-19 continues to impact the global economy, these resources will provide students with information on the impact to students specifically and where to go for help...


  6. Tune in & de-stress: Top wellbeing podcasts picks

    Want to lift your spirits, learn something new or chase a goal? Theres something for everyone in these wellbeing podcasts!...


  7. The 5 soft skills employers will value in the new decade

    We look at the top 5 soft skills employers are looking for in employees, and share how you can develop them...


  8. Step up to the challenge: 5 ways to develop a growth mindset

    Learn how you can develop a growth mindset to help increase your chances of personal and professional success...


  9. CA student rep & Gogglebox cast member Millie Dalton on how to balance work and study

    CA student rep and Gogglebox cast member, Millie Dalton shares her tips for balancing work and study...


  10. Rahul Seth CA on changing the conversation around mental wellbeing

    CA and mental health advocate, Rahul Seth, shares his career journey and tips on how to start the conversation around mental health...


  11. Give your career a kick start with the Achiever programme

    Olivia Mahey was a participant in the CA ANZ Achiever programme. She discusses how the programme gave her the skills to further her studies and career...


  12. Feeling stuck in a rut? Discover these 5 apps

    Check out these 5 apps to help you manage your life, reduce stress and find balance...


  13. How to set yourself up forfocus time

    Do you often feel distracted or unproductive? Check out our 7 tips for setting yourself up forfocus time’...


  14. Bust that myth: Accountants in pop culture

    What does an accountant actually do? Are movies and television shows giving us all the facts? Find out...


  15. Meet the difference maker: Camille Woods CA

    Camille Woods CA, accounting academic and corporate meditation teacher, reveals how the CA program has empowered her to shape the lives of accounting students and professionals through her work...


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