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  1. We were bundled into black 4WDs and out of the country in hours

    Forensic accounting specialist Matthew Ashby CA details some not-quite-right business dealings on The Acuity Podcast...


  2. Ugly taxtargeting multinational companies will sting Kiwis

    New Zealands proposed Digital Services Tax will clash with the countrys international fair trade obligations...


  3. This is an area that I live and breathe”: why this CA enrolled in the SMSF Specialisation Program

    Networking, technical understanding and credibility are just some of the benefits Glenn Roberts gains from being a CA SMSF Specialist...


  4. Stark choiceon FBT confronts businesses in wake of 39% tax rate

    The new 39 percent top personal tax rate coming into effect on 1 April will result in many Kiwi businesses paying more Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) than they need to...


  5. Passwords are like underpantsthey need to be changed often

    As cyber-attacks continue to spike mid-pandemic, making cybersecurity a focus in your business now is vital, says CFO Stephen McCarthy...


  6. No-one knows the business better than the people in it.”

    In 2013, Stephen Gould CA was asked to reimagine Mirvacs business strategy from a blank slate. Heres what he did...


  7. I was at the top of my game when everything changed

    In Mental Health Month, Springfox CEO Stuart Taylor shares his journey to resilience from a cancer diagnosis 20 years ago...


  8. I had to do a retake on my career path and a bit of a pivot

    Career coach David Riordan talks about how this difficult time is a chance to redraw your career map, on The Acuity Podcast...


  9. Good auditors keep their antennae up when working with the detail.”

    2020 Women in Finance Awards Auditor of the Year winner Naomi Kewley CA shares some advice that has helped her through this unprecedented year...


  10. Backpacker taxdiscriminatory under UK Convention

    High Court decided a UK backpacker, who was an Australian tax resident, was not subject tobackpacker taxas it was discriminatory based on nationality...


  11. An opportunity I couldnt pass up”: Why an experienced CA chose to qualify as a forensic accounting specialist

    Despite working in forensic accounting for more than a decade, Hollie Ponton CA was keen to learn what the Chartered Accountants ANZ Forensic Accounting Specialisation Program had to offer...


  12. Win work and build your reputation’ – the case for Business Valuation Specialisation

    George Whitington joined the first Business Valuation Specialisation program in 2014 to consolidate technical proficiency, and marketing and promotional benefits...


  13. Its a career that can truly take you anywhere

    Kate Boorer FCA, CA ANZs 2022 President, wants to draw on the diversity of CA ANZs membership to meet future challenges...


  14. In tax we trust’: Aussie and Kiwi survey surprise

    Australians and New Zealanders have more trust in their tax systems than taxpayers in many other nations, a new survey shows...


  15. Zowie Pateman CA

    Zowie Pateman CA is the deputy leader, reporting and assurance, at Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand...


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