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  1. Whats the future of your fleet?

    Lease, buy, car sharewhats the smart way for a business to manage a vehicle fleet and get the best return on investment?...


  2. Whats the future of risk for auditors?

    Auditors are in the crosshairs as the world gets more digitally focused and demands more be done to combat fraud...


  3. Whats the future for offshoring?

    Making the most of offshoring As we shift to a knowledge economy, it’s more important than ever to find ways to increase productivity, especially in the services sector. Offshoring provides a...


  4. Whats the future for CAs and trusts in NZ?

    Given the increased obligations new NZ legislation imposes on trustees, CAs have had to question their involvement in trusts...


  5. Whats the deal with pandemic insurance?

    Pandemic insurance is usually only bought by organisers of big sports events. But one CA is kicking himself he didnt get it...


  6. Whats the cost of chaos?

    Poor document management sucks productivity from accounting firms. Heres how a cloud-based system helps. Brought to you by SuiteFiles...


  7. Whats the buzz with AR and VR?

    Virtual and augmented reality have added US$46.4 billion to the global economy. How is it being used?...


  8. Whats the best payroll solution for your business?

    There can be hell to pay if employers get the wages wrong. Could using smarter payroll software help?...


  9. Whats the AASBs view of proposed goodwill changes?

    It seems the IASBs suggested changes to the valuing and impairment of goodwill are good only in some parts...


  10. Whats on the horizon

    There is an ambitious work programme ahead of the Government and Inland Revenue in 2019, as well as consultation on the Tax Working Group recommendations further work is in the pipeline on digital and...


  11. Whats On


  12. Whats New in Forensic Accounting: Update from Matthew Ashby CA

    Outgoing CA ANZ Forensic Accounting Committee Chair Matthew Ashby CA farewells the committee and shares insights from Fraud Awareness Week...


  13. Whats new in Forensic Accounting: Update from Christine Oliver CA

    Christine Oliver CA, new Chair of the Forensic Accounting committee talks about this years Forensic Accounting conference catered for practitioners across the forensic accounting community, with a...


  14. Whats new in Business Valuation: Update from Stephen Reid FCA

    Business Valuation Committee Chair Stephen Reid FCA looks at whats ahead for Business Valuation in 2022 as the global economy continues to provide challenges for valuers...


  15. Whats it like working for... the Big Four?

    For many students, landing a job at a Big Four accounting firm is the ultimate end-goal. Read on to discover what its really like working for PwC...