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  1. Joint submission says consolidation accounting standards generally working well

    Joint submission provides feedback that IFRS 10,11 and 12 generally meet their objectives but more comprehensive examples would help application...


  2. Joint submission on IASB 2021-2 COVID 19 rent concessions

    Joint CA ANZ/ CPA submission supports extending the life of COVID 19 rent concessions relief in IFRS 16...


  3. Irelands Apple Tax caseshining a light on OECD developments

    While jurisdictions around the world are contemplating how to keep the revenue coffers in the black in light of COVID-19, Ireland recently celebrated a legal victory that meant they missed out on 13...


  4. Guide on Australian Financial Services Licensing and Valuations Services

    This guide aims to help members providing valuation services that fall under APES 225 to determine if a particular engagement or assignment needs to be conducted under the AFSL...


  5. Changes are coming: Business TransformationRelease 4

    There are further changes and enhancements to Inland Revenues START system from April 2020. Many Inland Revenue functions will be offline between 9 and 16 April 2020 and members should be aware that...


  6. CA Catalyst Public Practice Stories: Embracing change to become strategic advisers

    Darren Dettling CA, Partner, Bendall and Cant Accountants, Auckland, highlights smart ways to adopt new technology for business growth...


  7. 2018 Budget: Does the economic vision match the societal one?

    Is NZ Budget visionary in an economic sense, as well as a societal one?...


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