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  1. Bringing country clients closer to their banks

    Practical tips for accountants to foster a positive relationship between rural clients and their banks...


  2. Bright idea from start-up solves financial data problems

    Common Ledger aims to become the go-to translation service for combining online accounting systems...


  3. Bridget Weiley

    Bridget Weiley is manager, member community services, at Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand...


  4. Brewing up a great career in the family business

    For Melanie Cooper AM CA its the CA, rather than the family name, thats driven her success in the family brewing business...


  5. Breaking the link between economic growth and pollution

    NZ is tracking well on its shift to a low-carbon economy, says the World Economic Forum, but globally the push has slowed...


  6. Boris Johnson talks politics, Gallipoli and Winston Churchill

    Boris Johnson on leadership, welcoming skilled Aussies and Kiwis to London, and Winston Churchill...


  7. Bob Grice AO FCA

    Bob Grice AO FCA is a CA ANZ Life Member and former president of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. He founded the Chartered Accountants Advisory Group to assist members facing challenging...


  8. Bob Geldof on world order and the need for change

    With todays huge political and economic disruption, now is the time to make changes for the better, says pop star and humanitarian, Bob Geldof...


  9. Blockchain a complex and evolving cryptocurrency

    Blockchain has the potential to radically improve the efficiency and integrity of financial records and markets, but theres still work to be done...


  10. Blending business with passion

    London-based investment banker Tracy Benge suddenly realised she should follow her passion for wine...


  11. Blazing a trail

    From corporate boardrooms to Bell Shakespeare and the PwC leadership team, Anne Loveridge FCA says giving back has been important on her journey...


  12. BlackLine helps relieve pressure on finance and accounting departments

    A survey by enterprise software company BlackLine has uncovered some fascinating insights into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on finance and accounting professionals...


  13. Bitcoins to become a US$400 billion global enterprise

    Despite the lack of regulation, price volatility and negative media coverage, bitcoin is attracting big backers...


  14. Bitcoin bonanzaor tax-time headache?

    Investing in cryptocurrencies, even by SMSFs, is now more common, with up to half a million taxpayers actively in the market last year. But tax authorities are warning they will track down crypto...


  15. Bills and expense management tools: how to choose the right one

    Bills and expenses software eliminates manual data entry, easily retrieves documents, and can be a new service for clients...