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  1. Being human in a digital world

    The speed of change and the adaptation required to maintain skills in the workforce make workplaces markedly different from the past...


  2. Become an SMSF specialist

    Kate Sheringham CA speaks with Acuity about her career and the benefits an SMSF specialisation has brought her...


  3. BDOs Sherif Andrawes FCA shares the moments that made him

    How did Sherif Andrawes, BDOs Global Leader, Natural Resources, go from rocket science in Glasgow to accounting in Perth, WA?...


  4. Base jumping off your CA designation

    President Kate Boorer FCA urges CAs to think of their designation as a ticket to a wide range of career opportunities...


  5. Bad spreadsheets are killing your business

    Many Australian businesses rely on spreadsheets as much as on electricity or the internet. Here PwC expert Ian Bennett offers expert tips on how to reduce the risk that they may fail...


  6. Baby steps for working mums (and dads)

    Parental leave has evolved at big firms (to the relief of new mums and dads), but working parenthood is still challenging...


  7. Azlin Lutfi CA

    Azlin Lutfi CA is a senior accounting partner at Pride Advice in Sydney...


  8. Award-winning rural CAs make their mark

    Launching their own family-friendly practice won Kylie Davidson CA and Emma Hammond CA official recognition as innovative and enterprising women...


  9. Automation without the transformation

    Companies often resist technology because it requires significant adjustments. But what if you could automate repetitive, low-value tasks without that hassle? Brought to you by SolveXia...


  10. Automatic Audit

    Can the latest audit tools for practice deliver faster, higher quality audits or are humans still largely required to do the grunt work?...


  11. Australian Trade Minister Steve Ciobo to consolidate ties with Asia

    Australia is continuing its economic pivot to Asia, described by Trade Minister Steve Ciobo as theengine of the world”...


  12. Australian GST reform debate heats up

    Australia can learn a lot from New Zealands GST reforms but there are no easy fixes...


  13. Australian cyber copscybersecurity essentials

    The Australian government wants cybersecurity high on a boards list of responsibilities, so what do directors need to know?...


  14. Australian Consumer Law and fake reviews

    Are you walking the talk when it comes to customer reviews and testimonials?...


  15. Australian Budget 2017-18 wish list

    Eight key things Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison needs to address when he hands down Budget 2017-18...