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  1. Queensland news

    Find out what's happening in the Queensland region...


  2. Joint submission on Australia's 202324 Permanent Migration Program

    Australia's Permanent Migration Program aims to balance a range of economic, social and demographic objectives and priorities, while focusing on our longer-term national interests.  As part of...


  3. Joint submission on A Migration System for Australia's Future

    On 2 September 2022, Minister for Home Affairs, Clare O'Neil, announced a comprehensive review of Australia's migration system to ensure it better meets existing challenges and sets a clear direction...


  4. Submission on Priorities for the Australian Universities Accord

    CA ANZ's submission to the Department of Education on our priorities for the review of Australia's higher education system, to be led by the Australian Universities Accord Panel, focuses on: Meeting...


  5. 2022 ATO advice and guidance

    List of rulings, determinations, legislative instruments, practical compliance guidelines and other items released by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) since 1 January 2022 (excluding class rulings...


  6. Submission on Employment White Paper consultation

    CA ANZ accepted an invitation from Treasurer Jim Chalmers to attend the Australian Government's Jobs and Skills Summit in Canberra on 1–2 September 2022 ('the Summit'). The Summit brought...


  7. Elective: Strategy and Performance

    Develop and implement strategies that create value by using applied financial and business skills...


  8. Elective: Financial Modelling

    Combine your technical and professional expertise with practical financial modelling approaches...


  9. Core 7: Integrated Chartered Accounting Practice (ICAP)

    Build on and integrateyour existing technicalknowledge, critical thinking and professional skills to provide business advice...


  10. Core 6: Audit and Risk

    Apply professionaljudgement and professionalscepticismwhen addressing risk while auditing...


  11. Core 4: Tax (AU or NZ)

    Subject description In Tax, candidates are introduced to the core knowledge and skills of tax required to provide advice and services for a range of transactions and events appropriate to the...


  12. Core 3: Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR)

    Advance your technical knowledge of financial accounting and reporting and develop broader professional and business skills...


  13. Core 2: Risk and Technology

    Subject description In Risk and Technology, you analyse how businesses create and protect stakeholder value with a focus on risk management, data and technology. You’ll evaluate and respond to...


  14. Core 1: Ethics and Business

    Learn about the fundamental concepts and professional skills essential for practice as a Chartered Accountant...


  15. Our course descriptions

    Find the right pathway for you by understanding what's involved in each of our courses...