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  1. CPD Requirements

    Reach the top of your game with continuing professional development...


  2. CPD – NZ members – pre 1 July 2021

    Everything you need to know about CPD requirements if you live in New Zealand...


  3. CPD – AU and Overseas members – pre 1 July 2021

    Everything you need to know about CPD requirements if you live in Australia or internationally...


  4. CPD exemptions

    Members of CA ANZ may be eligible for CPD exemptions. If you have changes to your working situation you can apply to reduce CPD obligations. Learn more about exemption application here...


  5. Managing your CPD


  6. Effective CPD is a career enhancer

    It impacts career changes and progression in a way regular CPD does not. Alan Nelson, from CA ANZ learning partner accountingcpd, explains how. Brought to you by accountingcpd...


  7. CPD requirements for all members from 1 July 2021

    Your professional competencies are a valuable asset. To help you update and maintain your capabilities, our CPD requirements are undergoing significant change...


  8. A price worth paying: A guide to encourage employers to invest in your CPD

    Through this helpful guide, we will provide some tips on how to approach your manager about discussing CPD and, more importantly, how to get your employer to cover the costs...


  9. Helping accountants grow with CA ANZ learning partner accountingcpd

    Need to get in some CPD by 30 June? Consider courses with this global e-learning company. Brought to you by accountingcpd...


  10. Staying ahead: The importance of continuing professional development (CPD)

    In the face of digital disruption, discover how to future-proof your career with these 5 steps...


  11. Returning to full membership

    Things to know before seeking re-admission...


  12. Name not published

    Breaching NZICA's Rules and Code of Ethics - failed to complete CPD, timeliness and false/misleading statements...


  13. Use your CPD to become an accountant of the future

    Alan Nelson from accountingcpd.net outlines how the right continuing professional development upskills CAs. Brought to you by accountingcpd...


  14. Name Suppressed

    Breaching NZICA's Rules and Code of Ethics - failed to provide timely CPD delcarations and failed to respond to correspondence...


  15. Richard James Spicer CA

    Breaching NZICA's Code of Ethics - failed to attend to client work in a timely manner, failed to comply with SES-2 and failed to complete CPD hours...


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