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  1. What today’s CFOs need to know about cyber risk

    Cyber risks are financial risks, so today’s CFOs should see working with IT on a cybersecurity strategy as part of the job...


  2. Talking to Amazon’s money man

    Could there be a Bank of Amazon? Its treasurer Kurt Zumwalt is helping the behemoth push into fintech and other services...


  3. Australian Federal Election 2019

    Be aware of the major parties’ tax and super policies that could impact your clients...


  4. Skills assessment supporting documentation

    Chartered Accountants ANZ accepts specific supporting documentation for your migration assessment based on if you hold a degree or not or are with a recognised accounting body...


  5. People, planet and the corporate balance sheet

    Can accountants link profit and the fate of our planet? Corporate reporting could help shift us to a low-emissions economy...


  6. Automatic Audit

    Can the latest audit tools for practice deliver faster, higher quality audits or are humans still largely required to do the grunt work?...


  7. CAs who run startups

    An increasing number of CAs are using their financial skills to go out on their own and build successful startups. Here are six CAs who’ve made the switch from accountant to founder...


  8. How companies put climate change financial risks on the books

    Local standard setters have backed the G20’s push to include climate-related risks to earnings in financial statements...


  9. Business Advisory Foundations Program

    Learn the essential skills and processes to build an advisory business...


  10. Parliament gives Super Guarantee Amnesty the green light!

    Amnesty will run for only six months...


  11. Elective: Advanced Tax (AU or NZ)

    Gain advanced knowledge and skills in tax, so you can provide comprehensive and in-depth input and services...


  12. Core 4: Tax (AU or NZ)

    Subject description In Tax, candidates are introduced to the core knowledge and skills of tax required to provide advice and services for a range of transactions and events appropriate to the...


  13. Core 6: Audit and Risk

    Apply professional judgement and professional scepticism when addressing risk while auditing...


  14. Driving change from the inside

    Fund manager and Business Council of Australia president Tim Reed believes in the potential of technology to transform society. He wants to move the dial on how business – big and small – thinks...


  15. Could RPA be the tool you really need?

    Robotic process automation (RPA) is transforming the way accountants work. This IT automation isn’t killing jobs, it’s making them better...