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  1. FAS – Financial Advisory Services Standard (effective from 1 August 2021)


  2. Beneath the data: 2020 John B. Thurston Award winner

    Christopher Kelly FCA and James Hao’s article, reprinted here, was voted this year’s outstanding paper on internal auditing...


  3. What document management software does your practice need?

    Document management software can slice hours of unbillable time from an accountant’s week and bring a welcome sense of calm...


  4. Meet the Mary Poppins of accounting tech

    Oracle NetSuite systems architect and administrator Sarah Rynja drops into businesses to help finance, sales and production teams get their software usage practically perfect in every way...


  5. Clifford Kean-Teik Chan CA

    Misconduct in a professional capacity, conduct unbecoming an accountant, negligence or incompetence in a professional capacity, breaching NZICA's Rules and/or Code of Ethics, supplying false or...


  6. 2020 Future leaders: 20 CAs to watch

    They’re young, ambitious and eager to change the world. Showing the diverse nature of the designation, these chartered accountants are making a difference where it counts...


  7. Frequently asked questions

    Find resources and FAQs on migration assessment...


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