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  1. Education, environment & employment: The three important E’s you need to know | Federal Election 2019

    Your vote in this Saturday’s federal election will help shape Australia, but are you aware of how your education prospects might be affected by the outcome?...


  2. Wellbeing and support

    We recognise that students can be caught up in stressful environments and challenging situations. We aim to connect you to resources and information to help you navigate uncertain times...


  3. Why cooking on a student budget can actually be good for you

    Check out five reasons why cooking on a student budget can actually be good for you – from giving you an excuse to socialise and help the environment, to flexing your creative muscles and exercising...


  4. Environmental Accounting

    Environmental Accounting...


  5. Finding the best employer for you

    Finding the right employer can be tricky, these tips will help make sure your new employer is a good fit...


  6. Audit and Assurance

    Audit and Assurance...


  7. Lauren Zwierlein CA on how CAs can make a sustainable difference

    Lauren Zwierlein CA, CFO and COO of UrbanConnect talks about making positive environmental change on an international level...


  8. Five actions to tackle climate change

    Climate change is an important issue that impacts everyone. Here are five actions you can take to tackle it...


  9. How accountants can help combat climate change

    Lydia Tsen CA shares the role accountants play in helping businesses combat climate change...


  10. Resources

    Take advantage of our range of resources to help with your studies, job search and self improvement...


  11. 7 Ways to study smarter, not harder

    Are you wasting your time studying hard? These 7 tips will help you study smarter...


  12. Are your time management skills up to speed?

    Learn to manage your time better with these six top tips...


  13. How NZ Rugby COO Nicki Nicol CA is leading from the front

    COO of New Zealand Rugby, Nicki Nicol CA, shares how she is able to use her skills to make a difference in sport with the Respect and Inclusion project...


  14. How to set yourself up for ‘focus time’

    Do you often feel distracted or unproductive? Check out our 7 tips for setting yourself up for ‘focus time’...


  15. What role do CAs play in creating a more sustainable future?

    Discover how accountants can use their skills to create a more sustainable future...


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