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  1. You Unlimited Events Calendar

    Start building your professional network today. Our event calendar offers a range of events aimed at giving you great opportunities to network, build your career skills and get a taste of the world of...


  2. Upcoming Events and Initiatives

    Throughout the year we hold a range of events across Australia and New Zealand which can help your students learn about their future in business and accounting...


  3. Networking events tips and tricks

    Just starting to attend networking events? Try these tips and tricks...


  4. Meet the SMPs

    The Meet the SMPs event brings together a group of small-medium practices around Victoria to give you a better idea of the benefits of working in an SMP...


  5. Quarterly e-newsletter

    Read our inaugural issue of our quarterly e-newsletter for teachers, careers advisers and academics that contain the latest thought leadership pieces, tools and resources, and keep you in the loop of...


  6. Networking 101 - learn and practice

    Our networking 101 – learn and practice event will give you the opportunity to not only master your networking skills with a 1-hour workshop designed for students but also put them in practice by...


  7. Find your fit

    Our Find your Fit event will allow you to explore the wide range of career options that a career in Accounting and Finance can provide...


  8. How online events can help build your professional network

    Here’s how you can go beyond likes and comments on LinkedIn in order to create a meaningful and rewarding online network...


  9. You unlimited by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand


  10. Sign Up

    Start your journey toward becoming a difference maker of tomorrow. Sign up to You unlimited as a student affiliate and enjoy invitations to local careers events, access to graduate and vacation...


  11. Student Affiliate Sign up

    Start your journey toward becoming a difference maker of tomorrow. Sign up to You unlimited and enjoy invitations to local careers events, access to graduate and vacation positions, career advice...


  12. How to help prevent burnout and promote wellbeing

    Burnout affects the best of us, but what if you could avoid it while striving to achieve your goals?...


  13. Career Kickstarter 2020

    Insights and work opportunities for Year 12 and first year uni students in Business & Accounting...


  14. Pathway Panel - Regional New Zealand

    What does a successful career look like outside of living and working in the city? The Pathway Panel – by Chartered Accountants ANZ - brings together a group of employers from regional New...


  15. Get Connected

    The future of work is ever-changing and determining the types of skills and knowledge you will need to really excel is more important than ever. Through our events and community involvement we could...


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