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  1. How to increase your exam performance

    Tackle your exams head on with this three stage pre, present and post exam approach...


  2. Business Toolkit

    Use this fun and interactive online quiz to help you study for your final year HSC/NCEA exams...


  3. Crunch time tips: Five things to do while studying for your exams

    Feeling prepared for your exams starts with good preparation. Find out how to make every study session count...


  4. Study tips you need to know

    Read these quick tips that could help you study effectively for your exams...


  5. Online exams


  6. Technical support for exams

    Overview There are four ways to obtain technical support, which are explored below.  Online resources  Live chat support  Phone support  Email support  Remember, these options...


  7. Don’t let exam anxiety paralyse you

    Overcome exam anxiety and manage your nervous energy with these simple tips...


  8. Cram 4 Exam – ASIC Financial Adviser / FASEA exam preparation course

    To avail the member price, apply code CAANZ and select CAANZ in Association section when you enter attendee details. Once enrolled, you will receive an e-mail from Cram 4 Exam with further details...


  9. A profession without ethics isn’t a profession

    People think ethics is more important to a profession than education or work experience, finds new CA ANZ research...


  10. Exam Instructions

    Subject specific exam information including mark allocations, exam questions and pre-release information are in the subject itself. Go to My Capability – Learn to find out more.    You...


  11. Day of exam

    Exam instructions   The following instructions and rules apply on the day of the exam; please become familiar with them ahead of time. They also apply during the onboarding process, and for...


  12. Post exam

    Immediately after, or in the days following the exam, you may wish to take a range of actions which are discussed below.  Saving your exam responses  You are permitted to keep copies of your...


  13. Exam Setup Checklist

    Complete the OEP Course available in My Capability Complete the 3-Step Exam Onboarding process. Saved Janison’s Exam Invite email and the link to access your exam. Record your Proctortrack...


  14. Online exam FAQs

    This page lists the most popular questions asked by candidates. Refer to the document at the bottom of the page for a complete list of online exam FAQs. I don’t have my email from Janison yet...


  15. Online Exam Preparation Course

    Before you attempt your onboarding, you should complete the Online Exam Preparation course This course will explain CA ANZ’s remote examination process. It provides guidance on the technical...


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