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  1. Important considerations for cancelling an AFSL

    Guidelines on the process required by ASIC for members considering cancelling their limited Australian financial services (AFS) licence or need to because they haven’t successfully passed the FASEA...


  2. How to prepare for a psychometric test

    A psychometric test can reveal your personality traits and capabilities. So how do you prepare for a test that can feel like it’s designed to discover the real you?...


  3. Tips to remember when you need to remember

    Repetition, note-taking and reminders. Use these simple techniques and skills to improve your memory recall capability...


  4. Financial advice standards: the next hurdle

    Proposed new educational standards for financial advisers risk forcing some older advisers out of the industry...


  5. Assessments FAQs

    How are CA Program subjects assessed? Each subject has a variety of different assessment types.  For an outline of the assessment types, weightings and due dates in each subject, go to the CA&...


  6. Invigilated examination

    All final exams are held online in your own environment, using an assessment platform provided by Janison. Janison uses a system called ProctorTrack. ProctorTrack records you...


  7. Onboarding

    To sit your online exam, you must complete the following three onboarding steps: Access Proctortrack (refer to email from Janison).  Verify your identity using the details provided...


  8. Step up to the challenge: 5 ways to develop a growth mindset

    Learn how you can develop a growth mindset to help increase your chances of personal and professional success...


  9. Technical


  10. Late submission

    Assessments need to be submitted before the due date. This ensures fairness where all candidates have the same time to prepare assessments. Information about late submission can be...


  11. O Week

    Find out what we have planned for O week this year...


  12. Certificate in Governance for Not-for-Profits - eLearning

    The Not-for-Profits Certificate includes a mix of compulsory and elective short courses.  The compulsory courses are: Governance Essentials Not-for-Profit Financial Management...


  13. Strategies for success


  14. Mindfulness: The simple practice that could help you manage stress

    Camille Woods CA, accounting academic and meditation teacher shares some mindfulness tips to help you handle stress better...


  15. I’m entering my senior years of high school: Now what?

    So, you’re about to enter your senior years of high school… Don’t fret, we’re here to help with the answers to some of the questions you might have...