Why become a Chartered Accountant?

Difference makers change the world. They drive the business decisions that help create better societies, communities and economies. They're more than visionaries. They have the skills, knowledge and insight to actually make their visions a reality. They are recognised for their ability to drive growth and prosperity.

The Chartered Accountants Program (CA Program) has been designed to turn you into a difference maker. This dynamic education program will help to equip you with the unique perspective, insight and diverse business, finance and leadership skills required to approach complex business challenges in a uniquely effective and ethical way.

Use it to stand out from your peers, and be in demand by top employers both here and overseas*.

Why choose Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand?

One of the most common questions we are asked is, 'Why should I study with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) when I graduate, rather than another institution?' To answer this question, here are four key benefits of becoming a qualified Chartered Accountant (CA).

Why become a Chartered Accountant

  • 1. Postgraduate qualification - GradDipCA

    By becoming a Chartered Accountant, not only will you gain a professional designation but you'll also hold an accredited and internationally recognised postgraduate qualification the Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting (GradDipCA).

    This is because CA ANZ is the only accounting body in Australia/New Zealand that is:

    • Registered as a Higher Education Provider offering degree credential
    • Regulated by TEQSA (independent educational regulator)
    • Rated as a Level 8 under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)

    The GradDipCA is a full postgraduate qualification - and provides exemptions to many Masters programs across Australia and New Zealand.

  • 2. Premium quality qualification

    Entry into the CA Program requires an approved undergraduate degree with study in core knowledge areas. Plus 4 comprehensive technical modules - delivering practical application of concepts and 1 integrative Capstone module incorporating professional skills in real-world cases.

    The CA Program aims to produce well-rounded and ethical professionals that are able to assess business challenges from all angles to uncover the most effective ways to help create prosperity.

    To grasp this unique skillset, the CA Program involves:

    • Real company case study assessments that test your application of knowledge and strategic and critical thinking.
    • Thorough education in technical areas, ensuring that a Chartered Accountant can identify and assess business challenges from different angles, ask the right questions, identify, anticipate and resolve business challenges, while also making well-informed, strategic decisions.
  • 3. Vast international network and alliance

    You have the opportunity to choose the only accounting designation in Australia and New Zealand that is recognised by ten of the leading accounting bodies in the world, the Global Accounting Alliance (GAA).

    As a result, CA is the only Australian and New Zealand accounting designation that enjoys reciprocal membership with England and the USA's leading accounting bodies - ICAEW and AICPA and others across the globe.

    This recognition, along with the internationally recognised Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting (GradDipCA) gained on completion of The CA Program, provides you with the opportunity to work in exciting environments across the world – wherever you want to make an impact.

    As part of the GAA, CA ANZ is regularly and thoroughly evaluated to ensure its educational program:

    • Stays relevant in an international business and accounting context
    • Delivers best practice in educational framework and learning

    **Through the Global Accounting Alliance, Chartered Accountants can tap into a knowledge network of over 1 million members working in 180 countries throughout the world.

    **Source: GAA, 2016 - https://www.globalaccountingalliance.com

  • 4. Diverse internationally recognised skill toolkit

    Chartered Accountants are highly valued for their versatile skill set and creative lateral thinking, that's why 96 of the top 100 graduate employers in Australia have a Chartered Accountant in their ranks*** and 99 of the top 100 Global Brands employ Chartered Accountants.****

    ***(Source: CA ANZ Member Report March 2016: The Australian, Top 100 Graduate Employers, 2016)

    ****(Source: CAW, 2016 Interbrand - Best Global Brands, 2015)

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