Career Series

This four part series answers some of the questions students have been asking. Get tips to help you to be work-ready, and advice on how to forge a career path in business and accounting.

In each session you'll hear presentations from subject matter experts and industry professionals providing advice, industry knowledge and tips on four topics; The art of storytelling and personal branding, Stepping into the workforce, Nurturing business relationships and Rising to leadership. These topics will help give you a well rounded look into what skills you need to hit the ground running in your first role.

Each session has a video and a worksheet helping you put the skills you learnt about in the video into practice using the worksheet. You can view the sessions one by one or the whole series, it's up to you.

Just click on the video you want to watch in the media player below and you can download the worksheet under the session outline.

The art of storytelling and personal branding

This session will help you understand what personal branding is, the importance of first impressions, building your brand equity and what to be aware of in your social media profile that could be damaging.

Stepping into the workforce

This session will provide you with the insights to help plan your 'after study' journey, advice on finding a job in the accounting field and transitioning from study to full time employment, recent trends in graduate recruitment and what you can do now to stand out.

Nurturing business relationships

This session will outline the importance of building positive relationships, you will hear first-hand experiences from our speakers where their relationships have provided them with positive outcomes, the link to personal branding and some things you can do now to build your network with strong relationships which could help you in the future.

Rising to leadership

In this final session the speakers will outline how they became leaders and managers, the steps they took, why EQ is as important in business as it is in life and the skills you will need to become effective leader. They will provide ideas on what you can do now to plot your path to a management position..