Date posted: 24/06/2020

CA student rep & Gogglebox cast member Millie Dalton on how to balance work and study

We speak to finance student, Millie Dalton, about her CA student rep experience, and how she manages her busy schedule.

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Do you ever feel like there isn't enough time in the day to complete everything you have set out to do?

Millie Dalton is a CA student rep studying a double degree in Commerce and Arts majoring in finance and criminology at Monash University. In between juggling multiple jobs and extracurricular activities, Millie also appears on Foxtel's hit reality tv series, Gogglebox Australia.

We speak to Millie about her experience as a CA student rep, and how she manages to balance her uni and work responsibilities and still find time for fun with her family and friends.

Millie Dalton
Millie Dalton

Being a CA student rep

Each year Chartered Accountants ANZ engages highly motivated students majoring in accounting and finance to become student representatives at selected tertiary campuses across Australia and New Zealand.

While in her first year of studying at Monash University, Millie connected with the CA ANZ Careers Engagement team at a society networking event. They encouraged her to apply for the Achiever Programme, and later offered her the opportunity to become a CA student rep.

"In my first year of university, I represented Monash at the Uni Games on the Gold Coast, was involved with the Commerce Student Society and student union, and started my first year as a CA student rep which opened up a lot of opportunities," Millie says.

"The CA ANZ Careers Engagement team have been great mentors and have helped me discover what I am interested in, have given me tips on how to stand out in an interview, and even put me forward for job opportunities."

As a CA student rep, Millie has attended industry networking events on campus to help educate and inspire students to pursue a career in business and accounting.

"Being a CA student rep has helped me feel comfortable and confident when talking to other students and employers, and it has definitely opened my eyes to understanding the world of business."

"As a CA student rep, I am able to offer students advice and help them discover what a career in accounting actually looks like, and educate them on the benefits of a CA qualification. My role is to make first year students feel comfortable to ask questions around their studies or their future career," Millie says.

Learning how to balance work and study

Millie and the Dalton family made their first appearance on Gogglebox when she was in her final years of highschool.

"Time management has been something that comes naturally to me, but I have definitely developed it over time. During school, I was working two jobs and filming Gogglebox so it was important for me to know what I had on my plate," Millie says.

Fast forward to today, Millie is a CA student rep and undergraduate student managing full-time study, multiple jobs, society responsibilities and filming commitments for the latest season of Gogglebox.

Having also recently completed an intensive Summer Vacationer program at Deloitte during filming, Millie says that her time management and organisational skills helped her avoid feeling anxious or flustered with so many things going on.

"You have to be organised to stay on top of everything, and find balance by always making time for the things you love."
Millie Dalton, CA student rep & Gogglebox cast member.

"Every time something pops up, I put it in my calendar on my phone straight away to avoid the risk of forgetting it. I also have a weekly planner to help me visually plan out my responsibilities and tasks for each day of the week," Millie says.

Millie recommends creating a to-do list to help students feel organised and grounded, and avoid feeling stressed by competing priorities and deadlines in their work, study and general life.

"I have found a to-do list to be super helpful as it covers all the things that I need to get done that week that aren't events or study blocks, but things like cleaning my room or getting my car fixed. It is important for me to be able to chip away at this list each day to get them done by the end of the week," Millie says.

Continue doing the things you enjoy

Although Millie likes to keep busy and be productive, she says that it is important to take some time out of your day and do something you enjoy.

"I love playing sports and watching sports. That's always been a passion of mine. I have played women's footy since I was a kid, and played social netball for uni," Millie says.

"In between studying, working and filming, I am always making time to watch the footy on the weekend."

Millie says that doing something you enjoy is especially important when you feel like there is too much on your plate, as this can give you a boost of motivation. She says that it is as easy as making time to explore the outdoors, or catching up with friends outside of work and study.

"Whether it's going on a walk with my family and our dogs, or kicking a footy around, I make sure to pop an outdoor activity into my schedule every day," Millie says.

"Although I am filming Gogglebox with my family every week, I do make time to see my friends by going out for coffee or brunch. I am never too busy to make time to see them," she says.

"You have to be organised to stay on top of everything, and find balance by always making time for the things you love."

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