Date posted: 20/04/2019

Top tips to keep your motivation levels high

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Your ability and success is not defined by what people think of you, but what you think of yourself. Losing your drive and enthusiasm is self-fulfilling; the less you have, the worse it gets.

Everyone goes through periods where they lose their drive. So here are some simple ways to get that energy back:

One step at a time

Getting motivated again takes a little time. So, just pick a small task, and address that. Break big projects and assignments into smaller ones, and tackle just one, then another - before you know it, you're starting to feel like you're achieving something, and that will boost your confidence.

Be realistic

Lack of motivation can sometimes happen when you doubt your ability to achieve your goals and projects. Maybe you're demanding too much of yourself. Look at what you've got on your plate: is it realistic? If not, try and reduce the workload by talking to teachers, parents and lecturers. They're human too!

Take a break

Sometimes, all you need to motivate yourself again is to take a break. Go for a walk, catch up with friends, treat yourself to a movie or a meal. It's amazing how walking away from the immediate issues can help you see them with fresh eyes when you get back to them.

Reward yourself

Go on, have a treat! You may think you're not doing so well, so think about what you have already achieved, and reward yourself for that.

Remember the dream

If you're losing motivation, you're probably caught up with the day-to-day detail. Just remind yourself why you're doing this - to live a comfortable, successful, independent life. Now picture what that will be like. Feeling better?

Ask for help

If you're not clear on an assignment, ask your professor, teacher or a fellow student. Just discussing the issues may make it clearer and kick start your energy.

Read a biography

Many of the famous, successful people we admire faced difficulties and failure in their lives. A biography will put your current challenges in context, and allow you to see you're not alone.

Talk to a friend

One of the oldest tricks in the book, but it really does help to talk to someone who can sympathise or give you that little lift or push to get you started again.